Product Catalog

  • Model Number: BN MBC-16B

Bends and Cuts with Less Effort!
Longer handle and cam mechanism provides greater leverage when cutting and bending grade 60 rebar
Adjustable 2-1/2” (63.5mm) diameter bending roller
Replaceable cutting jaws have two open slots with innovative shaped blades to prevent chipping of the jaws
Sturdy frame design is firmly mounted on a 2” x 8” x 60” wooden board ready to use
Other features include a comfortable 12” long no-slip handle grip and a lifting chain & ring to make it easier to carry to and from the job site

  • Model Number: CAL 1PFHL48

Top guard designed to provide load visibility.
Adjustable fork widths from 6 ½”to 44 3/4”.
Frame size 45 ½”W x 38 ½”H.
Double rail lockdown for improved safety.
Step for easy machine entry.

  • Model Number: QuickAttach BB60

This Brush Mower by Quick Attach® has been engineered for rugged durability, safety, and ease of operation. The 60" Model is built from 1/4" Steel making it one of the strongest brush mowers made. This is the most versatile mower on the market today. It not only cuts small trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass, but can also be used as a finishing mower for lawns. Its unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system allows you to cut evenly on level surfaces, as well as the most rugged terrain. Our one of a kind stabilizer bar allows the Brush Buster to cut heavier material up to 3" in diameter without causing flex to the deck, something you won't find with the competition. The Eaton Char-Lynn™ hydraulic motor features a pressure relief valve, preventing unecessary damage to the gear box, eliminating the need for unwanted shear pins. Our patented Stump Jumper and Swing Away Blade system is structurally reinforced and prevents unecessary damage to the unit.

  • Manufacturer: Wyco
  • Model Number: 992

Wyco Tool’s high-efficiency motor operates at less than 65% of full load capacity under normal job conditions.

  • Manufacturer: Gehl
  • Model Number: Scrape-R-Tach

The SCRAPE-R-TACH floor coatings removal system utilizes two Tungsten Carbide inserts providing 16 wear edges. Designed for removing a wide range of urethanes, rubber membranes, material buildups, paints, masticd, etc. Production rates of up to several hundred square feet per hour.

  • Manufacturer: Gehl
  • Model Number: FCS16

Welded, unitized frame. Adjustable operator handle folds for transport. Direct-drive, random orbit action; 14 lbs external weight.

  • Manufacturer: Gehl
  • Model Number: SG25/GH

Welded, unitized frame. Dual counter rotating multi-accessory discs with elastomeric-type gimbal heads; twin V-belt and spur gear reduction system; adjustable operator handle and wheel heights.

  • Manufacturer: Gehl
  • Model Number: M471-20

DIG-R-TACH® hydraulically powered earth auger attachments extend the versatility of popular construction site machines including skid loaders and compact loaders. Heavy duty direct drive configuration deliver maximum digging torque while minimizing scheduled maintenance. Alloy drive shafts, oversized bearings and thick, steel plate design team up to help keep a DIG-R-TACH® working on the job.

  • Model Number: Toku TS-55

The Toku TS-55 60 pound class rock drill has all the power needed for the biggest jobs. They feature rugged construction and are designed for larger diameter bits and deeper drilling jobs.

Multi-position throttle enables smooth start up in drilling.
The well balanced design between the drill weight and performance allows efficient operation when using the rock drill on steep slopes or anchor jobs.
The most critical components are made of forged steel and are rugged and durable.

  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Model Number: K960

The new Husqvarna K 960 is our latest and most powerful handheld power cutter, featuring the revolutionary X-Torq® engine technology. It is a unique machine, in a class of its own when it comes to emission levels, efficiency and manoeuvrability.
DEX - The new Dust Extinguisher System that gives cleaner cutting with less water usage and slurry.
X-Torq® - Engine with X-Torq® produces 75 % less emissions, 20 % lower fuel consumption and more power.
Active Air Filtration - Centrifugal air cleaning in three stages, increases product life and extends service intervals.
SmartCarb™ - Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
DuraStarter™ -Patented dust-sealed starter attachment, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed.
EasyStart - Ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
Wet cutting kit - All our cutters feature our

  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Model Number: K1250

When it comes to handheld gas-driven cutters for demanding jobs, with blades up to 16" and cutting depths up to 5.7", our largest model, the Husqvarna K 1250, is in a class of its own. Despite a large and powerful engine, this brawny, full-size machine is surprisingly easy to operate. The Husqvarna K 1250, with an impressive 5.8 kW output, is the market’s most powerful cutter, and can easily drive 16" blades.
DEX - The new Dust Extinguisher System that gives cleaner cutting with less water usage and slurry.
EasyStart - Ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
Wet cutting kit - All our cutters feature our robust wet cutting kit, with low water usage.
Active Air Filtration - centrifugal air cleaning in three stages, increases product life and extends service intervals.
SmartCarb™ - Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: TP400

•Can be plugged into regualr 20AMP outlet
•Designed for wet cutting concrete and masonry
•Equipped with the most powerful motor in the electric hand-held saw industry
•No hydraulic hoses and fluids to deal with, no exhaust fumes and gasoline to deal with

Equipped with the CARDI Smart Protection System
•Soft Start Motor - ensures smooth and safe start
•Mechanical Clutch - protects operator when jamming
•Electronic Clutch - protects motor and operator in case of overload

  • Model Number: Mertz Mfg 526DX

The Boxer 500 Series has recently been redesigned to provide even greater productivity on the jobsite. The updated Boxer packs more punch including increased operating and tip capacities; offers a wider wheelbase for improved stability, better sight lines for operator visibility, longer reach and increased dump height for loading and unloading materials and more ground speed to reduce cycle times. The operator station has also been simplified to help reduce operator fatigue and promote ease of operation.

  • Manufacturer: Niftylift
  • Model Number: TM34T

The TM34T trailer mount is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible. By utilizing its versatile telescopic upper boom, the TM34T trailer mount to delivers unrivalled working outreach, especially at lower levels where it's needed most. Hydraulically operated outriggers make setting up the TM34T trailer mount both quick and easy. Telescopic axles coupled with a very compact base make the TM34T trailer mount one of the most compact and maneuverable trailer mounts available.

  • Manufacturer: Bomag
  • Model Number: BT 65/4

•Backfill around footings and foundations
•Subbase and base preparation
•Compaction of underground sewer,water, telephone and electrical lines
•Backfilling trenches

  • Model Number: Bomag BP18/45W
  • Compaction of awide variety of sand, gravel and granular base materials.
  • Hot and cold asphalt patching.


  • Manufacturer: IHI
  • Model Number: 35VX

The 35vx is a 7,507 lb zero tail swing mini excavator, the redesigned operators station includes such features as a newly designed monitor, 2 speed travel switch located on the backfill blade lever, and the auxiliary hydraulic switch located on the joystick. With the widest ranging expandable tracks, the 35VX can access tight spaces by retracting the tracks to 60” and expanding to 71” for greater stability and performance. The swing motor with an auto parking brake allows the unit to be locked at any position within a 360° circumference.


  • Model Number: B436

Honda 5.5HP GX160 Engine

Combination Blades Standard

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: 12-355

Bull Float is used to float or "smooth" freshly placed concrete. Made of lightweight magnesium which offers wear resistance. Comes complete with universal bracket.

  • Model Number: Ace

Garrett Metal Detector

  • Model Number: F28WW

Wire Weld Framing Nailer

  • Manufacturer: Abbott Rubber
  • Model Number: 1112-0750-50

Moderate pressure water hose assembly for contractors and industrial service.

  • Manufacturer: Abbott Rubber
  • Model Number: 1240-3000-20

Water suction and discharge hose designed for construction, mining, marine, and irrigation purposes.