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  • Model Number: Felker TS-40

Cutting floor tiles should not be a hard job if your using the Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter. It is a professional tile cutter that features a built in separator that cuts maximum length of 17 inches. Its arrangement steel designed to reinforced maximum durability and rigidity.

  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Model Number: TS-250x

The contractor's choice for production sawing and the chosen preference for the rental market, the Husqvarna Tilematic TS 250x delivers more power with its high torque 1-1/2 hp motor. Rip cut up to 24" tiles or diagonally cut up to 18" tiles. Strength and durability are provided by the stainless steel sliding water pan. 

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11245evs

SDS-max® bit system — tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate
Variable-speed dial — for accurate bit starting and controlled chipping applications
Constant Response™ Circuitry — Provides soft-start, maintains constant speed under load, provides overload protection

Service Minder™ light — indicates when preventative maintenance is required
Vario-Lock ™ positioning — rotates and locks chisel into 12 different positions to optimize working angle

Padded rear handle — absorbs shock for operator comfort
Integral clutch — helps minimize torque reaction
360° Auxiliary handle — provides a wide range of movement along with operator comfort
Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: BH2760VC

15 Amp, 120V Demolition Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11247

10 Amp, 120V Rotary Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11316EVS

14 Amp., 120V Demolition Hammer

  • Model Number: TDE EDM-18

Make quick work of earth anchor installation with the new 1/2 HP, 18 RPM Electric Drive Machine from Tie Down Engineering. Adapter head fits all double head anchors and has a socket on the inside to fit the Soil Test Probe. Ground fault interrupter cord is standard on the EDM - 18.

  • Model Number: BlueStreak Rip31

Specifically designed for the rental industry that needs all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability, lifting power and durability for all terrains. Designed for use on grass because of its unique "wrap around" design that prevents debris from being wiped off by long grass or weeds. The debris simply snaps around on to the back of the sweeper.

  • Manufacturer: EDCO
  • Model Number: TP400

•Can be plugged into regualr 20AMP outlet
•Designed for wet cutting concrete and masonry
•Equipped with the most powerful motor in the electric hand-held saw industry
•No hydraulic hoses and fluids to deal with, no exhaust fumes and gasoline to deal with

Equipped with the CARDI Smart Protection System
•Soft Start Motor - ensures smooth and safe start
•Mechanical Clutch - protects operator when jamming
•Electronic Clutch - protects motor and operator in case of overload

  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Model Number: SHC260

The Echo SHC-260 Shaft Hedge Trimmer features superior reach and balance with the state-of-the-art shaft-type design. It features a 7 degree angled shaft to provice a wide angle of view for complex trimming shapes, High Quality Vibration Reduction and Precision Ground Blade for commercial usage Operator features Double Recipricating Blades to quickly cut your job down to size, 51" long shaft to increase reach and limit bending over to reach low growth,
New Blade Design with Three Sharpened Edges for Single-Pass Cutting, commercial grade gear case and cutters to handle the heaviest applications, Power Boost Tornado Engine
for powerful and smooth running.


  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Model Number: PPT260

The Echo PPt-260 Power Pruner is designed to handle the most
rigorous pruning jobs. With all the power you could need
the Echo PPt-260 Power Pruner will make short work of your Pruning Jobs
With a telescoping shaft that extends up to 12ft 8 in. the Echo
PPt-260 Power Pruner can reach most of the heights you need.

  • Manufacturer: Marshalltown Trowel
  • Model Number: 693

The SharpShooter I Hopper Gun is designed with a plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun. The gun features seven orifice sizes (for greater texture variety) with tubular design to avoid overspray. The angled hopper adapter allows the hopper to remain level while spraying floors and ceilings

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools
  • Model Number: 5402NA

This 16 5/16" Circular Saw has a large cutting capacity for beams and timbers and weighs only 32.1 lbs for ease of operation. The Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers enough power to cut through pressure treated lumber.

  • Manufacturer: Earlex - PMC Marketing
  • Model Number: LMB150 120V 1500W

The Earlex SteamMaster: low cost, lightweight, hard-working wallpaper steamer. Patented step-on design feature, unique anti-kink Coolrun hose, neon on/off switch, two thermal protection devices, integral water level indicator, large 13"x10" anti-coil hose/steam pan connection, storage spools for cord set and steam hose, reinforced nylon threaded pressure relief cap. Up to 3 hours of steam time from one fill. Ideal for professional and home.

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • Model Number: 6509-22

11 Amp Sawzall Recip Saw w/Case

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU: 611155
  • Model Number: 3107-6

1/2" Right Angle Drill, 0-335 RPM/0-750 RPM

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Elec Tool
  • SKU: 863164
  • Model Number: 1675-6

1/2" Right Angle Drill, Hole Hawg, 300 RPM/1200 RPM two speed selection.

  • Manufacturer: Hilti
  • Model Number: 305179

Powder-Actuated Tool DX 460, the ultimate solution for fastening materials from drywall track to 2x4s, as well as suspended ceiling applications, into concrete and steel.

Fully automatic cartridge advance and piston return system gives you a higher fastening rate without manually cycling the tool

Magazine allows for increased productivity using collated strips of 10 .27 caliber cartridges
Narrow-access baseplate for single fastening applications using fasteners with pre-mounted steel washers

Easy to take apart and clean by hand
Fastener range 1/2" to 2 7/8". Hilti .27 caliber shot in plastic strips of 10. Fully automatic

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: 11-458

Grapevine Jointer is a tool used to strike the newly formed mortar joint between brick or block