Product Info

30" Sweeper Magnet

  • Model Number: BlueStreak Rip31

Specifically designed for the rental industry that needs all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability, lifting power and durability for all terrains. Designed for use on grass because of its unique "wrap around" design that prevents debris from being wiped off by long grass or weeds. The debris simply snaps around on to the back of the sweeper.

  • Debris release handle lifts magnetic housing out of the tray. Debris then drops off the bottom of sweeper, no lifting or bending over.
  • Double layer of permanently charged magnets for a greater magnetic field and maximum lifting power.
  • Angled "nose" to allow easier pushing in grass.
  • Nylon flange bushings on all moving parts for years of long life.
  • Sturdy 8" steel hub and ball bearing wheels for durability, easy maneuvering and easy pushing.