Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model Number: X300

Get around. Everything. The X300 tractor is a premium product at an attractive price. It comes equipped with a smooth-running V-twin iTorque™ Power System and easy-to-use Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission. 

  • 42-in. (107-cm) Edge™ Xtra Deck cuts clean
  • Engine is smooth-running and reliable V-twin air-cooled design
  • Steering is low-effort sector and pinion system
  • Exact Adjust ports and on-board deck-leveling tools make precise deck adjustments easy
  • Modern styling with functional design enhances appearance and performance
  • Frame is reliable heavy-duty welded steel

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat
  • Model Number: OS901SPH

Billy Goat’s self-propelled overseeder reduces fatigue associated with pushing and features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls. New to the unit is a blade design that reduces thatch and improves blade life due to its sharpened leading edge and attack angle combined with convenient height adjustment controls that raises and lowers the reel effortlessly, providing more blade depth. The unit is 22” wide with an exclusive 11-blade slicing reel that floats along contours of yards increasing seed to soil contact and improving germination rates. The unit comes standard with a 30 lb. seed box that is generously elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture. Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop™ system automatically starts and stops seed drop with bale engagement and disengagement conserving seed and preventing end-of-run seed piling. Infinite depth adjustment of the slicer blades promotes longer blade life vs. presets and see

  • Model Number: Quick Attach MBB48

The Mini Brush Buster™ Brush Mower by Quick Attach® has been engineered for durability, safety, and ease of operation. The cutaway design easily cuts brush up to 2" in diameter. Pressure relief valve ensures long life and prevents damage to the hydraulic motor. Dual edge cutting blades reduce maintenance costs. Industrial built 7 gauge design makes it one of the strongest, most versatile brush mowers made. It cuts brush, weeds, and grass.


  • Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing
  • Model Number: TA-25D

Don't muscle the turn. Power it. Classen PowerSteer™ Aerators are the ONLY aerators that steer through the tines for non-stop (non-stress) unmatched productivity. Patented split-drive technology allows the engine to power the tines independently during aeration for fatigue-free steering and unmatched user comfort and productivity. Enjoy effortless end-of-row turning, aerate in tight circular areas and easily maneuver around trees, hydrants and other above ground obstacles.

  • Model Number: Grun HM600M

Hydromulching is a great way to grow grass. The seed, fertilizer, hydromulch, tackifier and water are all applied in one fast easy step. The use of messy straw is eliminated. Trimming is quick and easy. Problems with difficult to seed areas such as hill sides, and narrow areas between the sidewalk and the curb are a breeze.

  • Model Number: Solo 421-S

The Solo model 421S iS a portable spreader is designed for spreading a variety of materials over
irregular terrain more conveniently than a wheeled spreader. A few of the possible uses include spreading:

  • Ice melters
  • Sand, Salt, etc.
  • Oil absorbers
  • Cleaning agents
  • Seed
  • Fertilizers
  • Pelletized lime
  • Bird seed
  • Feed stock
  • Wild game feed

The model 421S spreader requires very little maintenance and will provide good service with regular cleaning and periodic lubrication of the gearbox.

Pellitized Fertillizer is usually thrown about 10-12 feet in front of the operator and 5-7 feet on each
side at 55-60 rpm. Grass seed usually carries 5-7 feet foward and 4-5 feet to the side.

  • Manufacturer: Barreto
  • Model Number: 622GTH

The front tine tiller with hydraulic advantages. The 622GT features a 22" tilling width the all-hydraulic direct drive to the tine shaft. Built to withstand the demands of the job, this tilleris 215 lbs of 7 guage steel. Light enough to maneuver easily, it is rugged enough to dig deep into the soil while absorbing the tilling impact and reducing the operator fatigue offen associated with front tine tillers. the 1.5 gallon hydraulic reservoir keeps the weight down and reduces periodic maitenance costs. An oil cooler keeps the hydraulic oil at an optimum temperature for efficient operation.

The simple to use controls consist of only one lever to engage the tines and start tilling. A lever on top of the controls gives the option of forward or reverse tine drive functionality. The handlebars are adjustable, allowing the operator to set the controls to the their level. Hardfaced reversible tines make it easy to dislodge obstructions such as rocks or roots without leaving the contr

  • Model Number: PLG-P-36

Pluggers are the ideal machines for reseeding lawns as well as allowing moisture and air to get to the roots. The 15 inch drum which can be filled with water has heavy 4 inch spoons welded on the drum to pull a plug of soil out of the ground. This hole provides a water pocket for better water and fertilizer absorption to the underlying root system. The plug hole will then loosen the surrounding soil and re-fill with soil to uncompact the crust on top of the lawn.

  • Model Number: FR36T

This spiker will help you prep your ground for seeding or feeding by allowing compacted soil to loosen up and moisture and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots.

  • Model Number: Spyker S60-12020

Spreading material for large lawns, golf courses or football fields? The Pro Series 120 lb. hopper spreader is the right push spreader for the job. It's large capacity hopper holds the amount you need to get the job done quicker. With the design of the Spyker 60 Series spreader, spreading fertilizer, seed, sand or ice melt is more efficient—projecting better spread coverage while eliminating waste. Accu-way™, a Spyker innovation, supports the proper, consistent distribution of material being applied. Adjustable in seconds, Accu-way™ assists you in preventing overspreading and striping of turf.

  • Manufacturer: Brinly Hardy
  • Model Number: PRT-36BH

For the largest lawns suffering from frost heaves or mole hills, or to roll new sod out front of your dream home, Brinly’s large 76 Gallon Tow-Behind Lawn Roller is the solution. Even out bumpy lawns, or pack down newly sewn seed or sod from the comfort of your lawn tractor seat.

  • Manufacturer: Brinly Hardy
  • Model Number: PCR-24BH

Use Brinly poly lawn rollers to erase the effects of frost heaves and mole holes, or to pack down loose dirt, newly sewn seed or sod. Polyethylene drum rollers make smart use of super-strong polyethylene materials. Lighter to carry when empty, while also extremely durable and versatile, our rollers will not rust or dent. Designed with rounded drum ends so you don’t gouge or leave ruts in your lawn.

  • Manufacturer: Finn
  • Model Number: B40

The B40 Straw Blower provides you with mulch cover quality that’s far superior to hand mulching. You’re ensured of faster and more uniform growth. Blow mulch evenly over large areaswith ease. The B40 Straw Blower efficiently shreds and blows2-3 bales of straw in less than a minute.

  • Model Number: QuickAttach BB60

This Brush Mower by Quick Attach® has been engineered for rugged durability, safety, and ease of operation. The 60" Model is built from 1/4" Steel making it one of the strongest brush mowers made. This is the most versatile mower on the market today. It not only cuts small trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass, but can also be used as a finishing mower for lawns. Its unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system allows you to cut evenly on level surfaces, as well as the most rugged terrain. Our one of a kind stabilizer bar allows the Brush Buster to cut heavier material up to 3" in diameter without causing flex to the deck, something you won't find with the competition. The Eaton Char-Lynn™ hydraulic motor features a pressure relief valve, preventing unecessary damage to the gear box, eliminating the need for unwanted shear pins. Our patented Stump Jumper and Swing Away Blade system is structurally reinforced and prevents unecessary damage to the unit.

  • Model Number: Spyker 299

Choose this 4.06 cu. ft., 220-lb. capacity spreader for a heavy-duty towable spreader built with commercial-grade components and highly accurate spreading abilities. U.S.A. Spreader Type: Tow-behind broadcast, Load Capacity : 220, Designed for commercial users in the sports turf, estate or municipal settings Stainless steel framing Solid stainless steel axle Enclosed metal gears

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat
  • Model Number: BC2600H

Tuff Torq™ hydrostatic transaxle
Pivoting deck
Heavy-duty blade spindle
Rubberized rear deck trim
Ergonomic handles with padded grips

Engine: 13 HP Honda
Start: Pull
Cut Width: 26”
Height Adj.: Fixed
Weight:317 lbs

  • Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment
  • Model Number: TA12

48" design aerates up to 4 acres/hr. Two independent tine rotors for easy manuevering. Water containers optional

  • Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment
  • Model Number: H530A

Greater productivity, better maneuverability and a user-freindly design are just a few of the features that make the 530 a breeze to operate. BlueBird's patented, free-wheeling tine system allows even inexperienced users to easily aerate corners and tight areas. Operators of the 530 will appreciate its simple design and low maintenance costs. A folding handle, lift handles and semi-pneumatic front tire provide easy transport, while removable side weights offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration.

  • Manufacturer: E-Z Trench
  • Model Number: TP400CL3

The E-Z Trench Wire Installer model TP400CL3 actually installs wire or cable while trenching and covers it up. Great for installing underground pet containment, landscape lighting, or control wires for irrigation systems

  • Manufacturer: E-Z Trench
  • Model Number: BE400

E-Z Trench Bedscapers are great for creating a well defined edge on landscape beds. Zero-turn steering allows for tight tree rings and smooth curved designs

  • Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing
  • Model Number: 48RT

Classen heavy duty core aerators are easily pulled with an average 15 hp riding mower, ATV or tractor. Tine shafts operate independently for greater turning ease. These manual lift aerators pull a 3/4" OD core up to a 4"depth with a 42" aerating width. Tow aerators can be converted to a 3 pt. hitch model

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat
  • Model Number: KD501

27” Wide lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for residential and property maintenance. Powerful suction and easy operation make clean up of leaves, seeds, mulch and litter debris easy

  • Manufacturer: Barreto
  • Model Number: 918H

All hydraulic means easy maintenance, no downtime and the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. Till effectively in small spaces. The open design provides easy access to the hydraulics when maintaining or repairing. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around. Counter-rotating tines break up the most difficult soil, clay or sod. Wheels and tines work independently of each other to allow your tilling travel speed to be adjusted to the soil conditions.

The operator friendly controls couldn’t be easier: one handle to set the tine drive and one to adjust the wheel drive. Just engage the clutch lever, use the variable speed drive to adjust the ground speed and engage the tines when you are ready to till. If you need to stop for a moment, just drop the clutch and the tines and wheels will stop, leaving your engine running and ready to pick up where you left off.