Product Catalog

  • Model Number: GMB

Protect furniture and other large items from nicks and scratches while moving or storing.

  • Model Number: Enrick P6B

When you rent a ROLL-OR-KARI you get a full set of two dollies and four web straps... ready to go... ready to do the job. Rubber and felt cushioning afford complete protection at vital spots against marring of fine finishes. Adjustable straps lock around the product securely. Retractable wheels allow instruments to rest on its own weight while in transport to avoid skidding or rolling.

  • Manufacturer: Jet
  • Model Number: WDC-3018

JET® WDF Series Hardwood dollies are constructed from kiln dried oak for strength. Capacitie up to 1,000 evenly distributed pounds. Countersunk bolts provide a smooth working surface when moving furniture, crates, or other heavy items.

  • Model Number: Elkay S2ST-8

For all types of appliances up to 800 lbs. Offset handle secures instantly. Padded with non-marking rubber. Roller-bearing, aluminum crawler treads. 3-ply 14 1/2 ft. web strap attached to offset handle. 60"H x 16"W. 8" x 2 1/2" semi-pneumatic wheels. 24" x 6" toeplate. Vinyl padding.