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Lawn Roller 24 inch

Lawn Roller 24"


Use Brinly poly lawn rollers to erase the effects of frost heaves and mole holes, or to pack down loose dirt, newly sewn seed or sod. Polyethylene drum rollers make smart use of super-strong polyethylene materials. Lighter to carry when empty, while also extremely durable and versatile, our rollers will not rust or dent. Designed with rounded drum ends so you don’t gouge or leave ruts in your lawn.

  • Capacity - 28 gallons
  • Weight w/ Water - 270 lbs
  • Fill Hole Diameter - 1.625" Thread Size - 1.5" NPT
  • Dimensions -(D x L) 18" x 24"
  • Ship Weight - 40 lbs


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