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Hydraulic Hole Digger

Hydraulic Hole Digger


DIG-R-TACH® hydraulically powered earth auger attachments extend the versatility of popular construction site machines including skid loaders and compact loaders. Heavy duty direct drive configuration deliver maximum digging torque while minimizing scheduled maintenance. Alloy drive shafts, oversized bearings and thick, steel plate design team up to help keep a DIG-R-TACH® working on the job.


  • Drive shaft Connection - 1 3/8" inch Hexagon
  •  Diameter - 9" (229mm), 13" (330mm), 18" (457mm), 24" (610mm)
  •  Maximum Drilling Torque - 456-731 ft. lbs.

 Hydraulic System

  •  Configuration - Open Type
  •  System Flow - 7-12 GPM (27-46 lit/min) at 1500 -3000 PSI

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