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  • Model Number: Mertz Mfg 526DX

The Boxer 500 Series has recently been redesigned to provide even greater productivity on the jobsite. The updated Boxer packs more punch including increased operating and tip capacities; offers a wider wheelbase for improved stability, better sight lines for operator visibility, longer reach and increased dump height for loading and unloading materials and more ground speed to reduce cycle times. The operator station has also been simplified to help reduce operator fatigue and promote ease of operation.

  • Manufacturer: Niftylift
  • Model Number: TM34T

The TM34T trailer mount is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible. By utilizing its versatile telescopic upper boom, the TM34T trailer mount to delivers unrivalled working outreach, especially at lower levels where it's needed most. Hydraulically operated outriggers make setting up the TM34T trailer mount both quick and easy. Telescopic axles coupled with a very compact base make the TM34T trailer mount one of the most compact and maneuverable trailer mounts available.

  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Model Number: SHC260

The Echo SHC-260 Shaft Hedge Trimmer features superior reach and balance with the state-of-the-art shaft-type design. It features a 7 degree angled shaft to provice a wide angle of view for complex trimming shapes, High Quality Vibration Reduction and Precision Ground Blade for commercial usage Operator features Double Recipricating Blades to quickly cut your job down to size, 51" long shaft to increase reach and limit bending over to reach low growth,
New Blade Design with Three Sharpened Edges for Single-Pass Cutting, commercial grade gear case and cutters to handle the heaviest applications, Power Boost Tornado Engine
for powerful and smooth running.


  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Model Number: PPT260

The Echo PPt-260 Power Pruner is designed to handle the most
rigorous pruning jobs. With all the power you could need
the Echo PPt-260 Power Pruner will make short work of your Pruning Jobs
With a telescoping shaft that extends up to 12ft 8 in. the Echo
PPt-260 Power Pruner can reach most of the heights you need.

  • Model Number: Howey 600RC

Max elevation height- 18ft
Total Length        - 26ft
Shipping weight     - 1,120lbs

  • Model Number: Howey 214A

The 214A has a swing-out automatic cone that opens from 8 1/2” to 16”.
The fixed cone opening is 18”.

  • Manufacturer: IHI
  • Model Number: 35VX

The 35vx is a 7,507 lb zero tail swing mini excavator, the redesigned operators station includes such features as a newly designed monitor, 2 speed travel switch located on the backfill blade lever, and the auxiliary hydraulic switch located on the joystick. With the widest ranging expandable tracks, the 35VX can access tight spaces by retracting the tracks to 60” and expanding to 71” for greater stability and performance. The swing motor with an auto parking brake allows the unit to be locked at any position within a 360° circumference.


  • Model Number: Ace

Garrett Metal Detector

  • Manufacturer: Marshalltown Trowel
  • Model Number: 693

The SharpShooter I Hopper Gun is designed with a plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun. The gun features seven orifice sizes (for greater texture variety) with tubular design to avoid overspray. The angled hopper adapter allows the hopper to remain level while spraying floors and ceilings

  • Model Number: DPL11

This panel lift is designed for assembly and operation by one person. Up to four 16' panels may be lifted to 11' with no extension. The DPL11 has a load capacity of 150 pounds

  • Manufacturer: Makita Power Tools
  • Model Number: 5402NA

This 16 5/16" Circular Saw has a large cutting capacity for beams and timbers and weighs only 32.1 lbs for ease of operation. The Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers enough power to cut through pressure treated lumber.

  • Manufacturer: Virginia Abrasives
  • SKU: 515066
  • Model Number: 426-20205

Cupstones Flaring 5 x 2 x 5/8

  • Manufacturer: Tsurumi Pump
  • Model Number: TE2-80HAT

3" centrigugal pump with Honda engine, Low oil alert , Silicone carbide mechanical seals and true vibration isolators are standard on this Honda powered 3 dewatering pump

  • Model Number: TE2-50HAT

2" centrigugal pump with Honda engine, Low oil alert , Silicone carbide mechanical seals and true vibration isolators are standard on this Honda powered 2 dewatering pump

  • Manufacturer: Tsurumi Pump
  • Model Number: HS2.4S-62

2" electric sand/trash pump designed to pump sand solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging

  • Manufacturer: Titan Tool
  • Model Number: 805-015

RentSpray 500 skid (labeled 440 Impact) paint sprayer

  • SKU: 101089
  • Model Number: 32820

Cutter 1/8"-2", Heavy-Duty 2-A

  • Model Number: 31115

48" Pipe Wrench, forged iron

  • Manufacturer: Earlex - PMC Marketing
  • Model Number: LMB150 120V 1500W

The Earlex SteamMaster: low cost, lightweight, hard-working wallpaper steamer. Patented step-on design feature, unique anti-kink Coolrun hose, neon on/off switch, two thermal protection devices, integral water level indicator, large 13"x10" anti-coil hose/steam pan connection, storage spools for cord set and steam hose, reinforced nylon threaded pressure relief cap. Up to 3 hours of steam time from one fill. Ideal for professional and home.

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • SKU: 112559
  • Model Number: AM1-PH65-08M

13.1 CFM @ 100 PSI, Wheelbarrow Compressor, 8 Gallon Storage Capacity, 196cc Honda GX200 OHV With Low Oil Shut Down, Stainless Discharge Hose

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • Model Number: AC1-HE02-05M1

2 HP 110V Twin Stack Compressor, 4.1 CFM @ 100 PSI, Stainless Discharge Hose

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M

3500 PSI @ 3.0 GPM Direct Drive Pressure Washer, 389cc Honda GX390 OHV With Low Oil Shut Down

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • Model Number: CA-3003-0MHB

2500 PSI @ 4.0 GPM Direct Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer, 270cc Honda GX270 OHV With Low Oil Shut Down

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • Model Number: CA-2703-ZH01

2000 PSI @ 3.0 GPM Direct Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer, 196cc Honda GX200 OHV With Low Oil Shut Down