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Optical Level, Standard

Optical Level, Standard


David White is a leading provider of precision equipment for the surveying, construction and civil engineering markets. David White has a well deserved reputation for designing and manufacturing full-featured and affordable surveying instruments and tools. David White transit levels are well known for their advanced features, accuracy and reliability. If you're looking for top quality tools you can't go wrong with David White as they manufacture some of the highest quality construction and surveying transits that are available on the market today. David White transits are used on job sites every day around the world because they consistently produce the accurate and reliable results that engineers demand.

  • 26X Level-Transit
  • ±3/16-in.(4.75mm) at 150-ft.(45m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 400-ft.(120m) range
  • Horizontal circle, lock and tangent
  • Vertical arc, lock and tangent
  • 1:100 stadia with glass reticle

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