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Dance Floor

Dance Floor


In the STARLIGHT II, SICO has created a unique outdoor dance floor by combining a high-pressure laminate surface with the strength and stability of a fully balanced reinforced glass epoxy design that encloses a moisture resistant structural high density closed cell foam core. STARLIGHT II Combines The Beauty of Wood with the Permanence of Laminate. Standard panel laminate options are the popular continuous planking design in Cherry Rose. Each high-grade durable laminate panel surface is maintenance-free, resists chipping, scratching, and fading normally associated with other wood and low-grade laminate floors on the market.

  • Large Square Panels - Spacious panels are 4’ x 4’ (122cm x 122cm), almost twice the area compared to 3 foot squares (91cm squares) or 9 sq. ft. (.84 sq. m). •Fewer panels mean less storage space, and combined with the cam-lock, setting-up and taking down can be done in almost half the time of smaller panels.
  • Square panels guarantee's a perfect fit every time.
  • Panels weigh 43lbs. (19kg) each and are shipped two per carton.
  • Starlight II Core ContructionCore Panel Construction  - Starlight II has a high-pressure laminate surface, bonded with a structural high density closed cell foam core and glass epoxy skins built for outdoor weather resistance.
  • Continuous Planking Design - Provides a beautiful floor that will enhance your decor.
  • Maintenance-free Surface - The Starlight II floor has a high grade laminate surface which eliminates the warping, chipping, and fading associated with many other dance floors.
  • Resistant to spilled drinks and food, and its unusually durable surface is easy to wipe clean and never needs refinishing.
  • Extremely resistant to high heel dents and scuff marks.
  • Cam-lock Positive Locking SystemCam-lock Positive Locking System - The cam lock’s reliable positive locking system is not dependent upon magnets or gravity to keep panels interlocked, making set-up and take-down easy and convenient.
  • Self-aligning pins perfectly squares your floor for an easy and fast set-up.
  • A proven locking system for over 15 years.
  • Solid Floor Contact - All panels make 100% floor contact so there is no possibility of breakthrough. Eliminates the flexing of panels.
  • Precision Tongue & Groove Design - Allows SICO® Starlight II panels to easily be assembled and disassembled.
  • Visi-Trim Anodized Border Trim Edging -  Each section of border trim provides a modest 11° slope and a broad 6.25" width (159mm) allowing for easy access to every floor. •Each trim piece is grooved to make it a slip resistant surface. Available in gold, black, or silver.
  • Low Profile Design - At only ¾" thick, Starlight II offers a lower profile for easier access and egress.

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