Summer 2019 Wedding Trends

Summer 2019 Wedding Trends

A summer wedding can be anything from a casual, fun-loving affair to a great seasonal bash to the ultimate elegant event. No matter what style of wedding you want, when in the summer it may be, or how far your budget may stretch, you can create a sizzling summer wedding with these hot 2019 trends.

What’s Hot for 2019 Summer Weddings

From music to menus and décor to dress, there are amazing new trends lining up for the 2019 summer wedding season. You might try just one trendy option or consider all different types for your special day.

  • Bold Colors Instead of soft pastels or predictable seasonal shades, many summer brides and grooms are making a statement with bold pops of color for their wedding palette. Rust, magenta, purple, turquoise, sunflower, and other striking shades are great for summer weddings, but stick with just 1-2 main colors and no more than 1-2 accent colors to avoid overwhelming your wedding decorations with an uncoordinated riot of color.
  • Alternative Music Instead of a DJ or a simple classic band, couples are opting for musicians that can showcase the sounds of summer and create a lively atmosphere for their wedding. Steel drums, ukuleles, swing bands, and even gospel choirs can all add musical flair for a summer wedding with a very distinctive sound.
  • Natural Centerpieces Summer is a season of natural bounty, and embracing that bounty can give couples many creative options for stunning wedding centerpieces. Instead of the usual floral bouquets, opt for a carved watermelon bowl filled with fresh fruit, a natural palm frond runner across the table, or romantic moss matts that bring a summer gentleness to your wedding decorations.
  • Beyond Flowers Not only are flowers not as common in summer centerpieces in 2019, but couples are opting for different natural touches in all their wedding decorations. Pampas grass or fountain grasses can make dramatic centerpieces or wonderful statements to line the aisle and highlight the altar. Ivy and palm fronds are other great greenery choices for summer weddings, or couples can choose more dramatic flowers such as king proteas and dahlias for trendy bouquets that keep the nostalgic floral touch.
  • Bridal Hats Stay protected from the summer sun without sacrificing style when you choose a fashionable wedding hat instead of a veil. Brides wearing sunhats, broad-brimmed floppy beach or Panama hats, or even vintage pillbox hats are all following this summer trend. Other dramatic headpieces such as tiaras are also part of gorgeous summer styles for 2019.
  • Customized Menus More couples are avoiding predictable menu choices for their wedding, and instead focusing on customized menus that showcase their own tastes and offer their guests delectable seasonal fare. Charcuterie boards, raw seafood and sushi bars, clambakes, and even rental food trucks are all stunning options ideal for a summer wedding.
  • Station Buffets Instead of the common buffet line, couples this summer are planning station-based buffets. Bread baskets and side dishes are served family-style at each table, but guests can visit different stations for their entrees, such as a grill area, baked potato bar, carving station, crepe station, or taco bar. Stations allow for greater mobility and less congestion in the serving area, and permit guests more flexibility when choosing their meals.
  • Summer Treats A hot trend for summer weddings is to embrace nostalgic summer treats. A smores station is a whimsical and delicious choice, or couples could rent an ice cream truck to serve up fun frozen fare reminiscent of childhood. Cotton candy, hot dog, or popcorn carts are other tasty options that are easy to rent and can be customized to match your wedding theme.
  • Adult Snow Cones Cool summer treats aren’t just for the kids when you concoct a wine smoothie or slushie with an alcoholic twist. Frozen drinks are a great option for mid-summer weddings, but if you prefer just enjoying a cool one, local craft brews are a great option and can be infused with summer flavors. Local breweries may even create a signature brew for the happy couple for a truly customized libation.
  • Neon Signs Nothing evokes the summer fun of amusement parks and beachside piers as much as the whimsical glow of neon signs. Couples can add that fun to their wedding décor with neon signs such as welcome, Mr. & Mrs., initials, hearts, names, or love signs. These decorative items can then become part of the couple’s home décor to always remind them of their glowing love on their wedding day.
  • Epic Entrances Bold, photo-ready entrances are a hot trend for 2019 summer weddings. Couples might craft a stunning entrance to the aisle, at the altar, or entering into the reception area, or could even coordinate multiple entrances for a cohesive event. Floral moon gates, dramatic arches, and even balloon sculptures are all top choices to really make an entrance on your special day.
  • Hanging Florals Instead of tables cluttered with centerpieces and strewn with petals, couples in 2019 are looking up for hanging floral arrangements. These inverted centerpieces drip romance and nostalgia with a modern flair, and help keep table setting minimalist for easier serving and conversation. Layers of greenery and petals might also hang in archways, create backdrops, or spill from tables for more dramatic arrangements.
  • Drones More and more couples are using drones to capture a truly unique perspective of their special day. Both photography and videography drones can have exceptional stabilizers to capture stunning scenes and settings that might otherwise be impossible to see. This is also a great way to take broad group photos of all wedding guests.

Is a Trend Right for You?

Before you choose a summer wedding trend to follow for your nuptials, consider it carefully to be sure it suits both you and your partner and is something you want as part of your special day long after the summer of 2019. While trends can offer great ideas and new, unique options, ultimately it is your choice about any trends you do – or don’t – want to follow. Don’t be afraid to buck trends completely or do something unexpected, and you just might start a new wedding trend of your own!