Starting a New Lawn

Starting a New Lawn

Sometimes, through acts of nature or maybe too much fertilizing, it's necessary to start a totally new lawn or to completely rebuild large areas of an existing lawn. In these cases here's what you'll need to do.

Tools & Materials you'll need:

  • Rotary tiller
  • Rake
  • Seed
  • Seed spreader
  • Watering hose and nozzle

Step 1.
Prepare the seed bed with a rotary tiller. Take time to prepare the soil thoroughly to a depth of about 6". If the soil is compacted, mix in peat moss or gypsum to keep it loose. This will help the roots of the new grass to survive.

Step 2.
Rake the seed bed thoroughly and remove all stones, sticks, etc. Break up all dirt clods so the new seed will have a good chance to grow.

Step 3.
Reseed the area with a mechanical seed spreader. Reseed at the rate recommended on the package of seed you're using. In most cases, no raking is required after seeding, although certain types of seed may need a light raking.

Step 4.
Lightly sprinkle the reseeded area two or three times a day if the reseeding is done in hot weather. Repeat this daily watering until the new seedlings are about 1" tall. After the new grass has reached this height, water it thoroughly about once each week until it's ready for the first mowing.

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