Tips to Planning a Spring Wedding

Tips to Planning a Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful season of growth, joy and renewal – the ideal time for a wedding. Yet just like any relationship, spring can also be unpredictable and occasionally turbulent, and you need to be ready for any of the season's possibilities when planning a spring wedding.

When Is Spring?

The first day of spring is typically mid-March, but that doesn't mean your dream wedding location will have spring-like conditions at that time. In southern areas such as Florida, Texas and southern California, that spring feeling may be in the air as early as late January or February. Meanwhile in northern regions such as Maine, Michigan and Minnesota those balmy breezes, green grass and spring flowers may not arrive until late April or early May. If you have your heart set on a spring atmosphere for your special day, be sure you understand the climate of the region and are ready to plan for the best local spring date.

Once you know when spring should arrive at your wedding location, book vendors and make reservations as early as possible. Because of the beauty of the season, spring is very popular for weddings and many top locations and services fill up quickly.

Tips for Your Spring Wedding

A spring wedding can be many things, from an elegant formal affair to a casual garden get-together. There are many ways to make the most of the season for your special day.

  • Location, Location, Location
    Spring weather may be balmy and delightful one day but a raging spring rainstorm the next, so it is wise to book indoor/outdoor venues for a spring wedding. If a dual location is not possible, at least be prepared for possible weather changes with suitable shelter if needed. Botanical gardens, parks, country clubs and similar facilities that have both indoor banquet areas as well as outdoor beauty, such as hotels or resorts, are popular spring wedding locations.

  • The Colors of Spring
    Spring is the season of soft pastel shades, from sage and mint green to blush pink, peach and yellow to bright and cheerful sky blue. You can accent a pastel palette with a bold pop of a coordinating shade, or use metallic hues such as copper or rose gold for glittering emphasis. Watercolor effects and other gentle color schemes are always popular for spring weddings. Be sure to take into account the colors of gardens or flowerbeds at your wedding location, as well as walls and carpeting at the reception, when planning spring wedding colors.

  • Dressed for Spring
    You want to be comfortable on your wedding day, so take the local weather into account when choosing attire for a spring event. Because evenings can be cool, longer sleeves or coordinating wraps are ideal, and to keep hemlines from dragging in the mud or puddles, opt for tea-length dresses. Light-colored suits for the gentlemen in the wedding party can be more comfortable for spring's temperatures than darker, heavier attire, while the ladies may appreciate skipping the lightweight, flowing fabrics that feel like they may blow away in spring breezes.

  • Spring Flowers
    There are many amazing flower options for bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces for spring weddings. While roses are popular year-round, consider accenting your spring floral arrangements with lilies, daffodils, tulips, lilacs peonies, hyacinths, hydrangeas, crocuses or other seasonal blooms that will also be less expensive in spring. Greenery such as ferns, ivy and lamb's ears are great accents that can help your flowers stand out but still reflect the delicacy of the season.

  • Spring-Like Decorations
    In addition to flowers, there are many popular choices for spring wedding decorations. Whether you want to coordinate an entire theme or just add a few select accents to emphasize the season, options such as birds' nests and eggs, butterflies, vintage gardening tools, quirky umbrellas or wicker or woven baskets reminiscent of Easter are great choices. And for the groom, consider a fun baseball theme or accent for a groom's cake or masculine touch.

  • Fresh Menus
    Fresh, light menus are the best choices for a spring wedding. Fish, lamb and chicken are always popular spring entrees, and can be given even more of a seasonal touch with infusions of citrus flavors, lavender or light herbs. Sides such as baby vegetables or other fresh greens are always appreciated. Fruit vinaigrettes are great for green salads, and cakes and desserts with a touch of strawberry, lemon or even rhubarb are ideal for spring.

  • Favorite Spring Favors
    Wedding favors are a great way to customize your event, and there are many charming spring-themed options to choose from. Seed packets, bulbs, plantable papers or seed balls are great choices for the green-thumbed, or you may opt for candles or soaps in fresh spring scents. Bud vases, miniature tin pails filled with treats or folding fans for warmer spring days are also popular spring wedding favors.

No matter how you plan your spring wedding, it's great to embrace the beauty of the season, but be careful not to overdo a spring theme. A few well-chosen accents and carefully coordinated hints of spring can add a delicate sense of the season to your event without overwhelming your guests or turning your special day into a seasonal cliché.