2017 Wedding Trends

2017 Wedding Trends

Every bride wants her special day to be beautiful and unique. Following a trend may seem like a bad idea to avoid what every other bride may be planning, but in fact these new 2017 wedding trends offer many creative options for a memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding that will be the start of many happy anniversaries.

Top 15 Wedding Trends for 2017

From the gown to the cake, the venue to the guest list, the flowers to the photography, there are many amazing options for 2017 weddings to stand out.

  1. Vintage Glamour
    Everything old is new again with a vintage-inspired wedding. Combining modern grace and elegance with carefully chosen vintage elements, such as lace table runners, an antique wedding car or stunning brooches on the bridal party, gives a wedding a timeless, wistful elegance. Avoid overdoing the vintage appeal, however, and instead use key vintage focal points to highlight the theme without being overwhelming.

  2. Metallic Luster
    Metallic hues continue to be a favorite for wedding colors, but simple gold and silver have been brutally overdone in recent years. Instead, today's brides are opting for more unique shades such as rose or sage gold, platinum, bronze, copper or antique silver with a delicate patina. Don't overwhelm with these colors, however, but instead use them for rich, sparkling accents.

  3. Cascading Bouquets
    Floral cascades with a less structured look are the hottest bridal bouquets for 2017. Using whimsical or unusual flowers, more stunning greenery and other accents, such as crystals, are also great touches that can make a bridal bouquet a one-of-a-kind work of wedding art.

  4. Custom Menus
    Rather than basic menus with a few standard choices, couples are opting for more showcase menus that may highlight local specialties or their own favorite dishes. Signature cocktails are still popular, but additional options such as personalized coffee blends are also becoming more widespread.

  5. Small Bites
    In addition to custom menus, small bites for appetizers are a hot trend for today's weddings. Instead of simple nibbles during the cocktail hour, hors d'oeuvres such as soup shooters, tiny tacos, flavorful sliders and cheeses specifically paired with distinct wines are delicious options to make a wedding menu unique.

  6. Tall Cakes
    Understated wedding cakes are less popular today, and taller, more dramatic cakes are making a comeback. A narrow cake with more tiers lets a couple choose more unusual cake flavors, and the cake itself makes a stunning centerpiece of the wedding reception décor. Faux tiers can be used to elevate a cake even for a smaller wedding.

  7. Naked Cakes
    Less is more in terms of icing for the hot trend of naked cakes. These cakes have only minimal icing, and instead use fresh fruit, edible flowers or herbs to adorn each tier. Drip icing may be used to connect the tiers, and marbled icing is equally popular if it is not overdone.

  8. Talk About Toppers
    Whimsical figures of brides and grooms adorning the top of a cake are so past tense – today's wedding cake toppers are all about words, phrases and even emoticons. Romantic quotes or phrases from favorite books and movies sculpted into romantic fonts for an elegant, metallic wedding topper are a great option any couple can use.

  9. Unique Locations
    Getting married in a unique location always makes a wedding memorable. Top 2017 locations include chic urban lofts, classy wine cellars and even café restaurants. Many couples are also opting to have both the ceremony and reception at the same location, eliminating travel hassle for their guests and making the most of such unusual venues.

  10. Intimate Guest Lists
    Gone are the days of weddings with hundreds of guests that the bride and groom barely know. Today's weddings are all about intimacy, with fewer guests but more time the couple can spend with their closest friends and family members. Personalizing the wedding with details about the bride and groom – their favorite books or movies to denote individual tables, photos of their relationship, even trivia contests about the two of them – adds even more personalization.

  11. Mismatched Wedding Parties
    While matching bridesmaid dresses create a coordinated look for wedding photos, they also create a range of problems to choose a color and style that suits different body types. Today's brides may opt for a range of colors and dress styles that still coordinate but offer their attendants more choices for their own comfort and preferences. Think of shades of rust, gold and chocolate for a fall 2017 wedding, instead of every bridesmaid in the same shade of orange.

  12. Braided Beauty
    Braids are all the rage for stunning hairstyles. Gone are the days of hard-as-nails updos, and instead the wispy romance of braids can be found in French, fishtail and crown styles interwoven with flower buds or crystals. Simpler braids with hearts or swirls are popular for flower girls as well, and every bridesmaid can try her own braided style.

  13. Drone Photography
    Drones offer couples unique wedding photography options in 2017, bringing a birds-eye view to the ceremony and reception. These stunning photos capture moments of the wedding in beautiful ways, and can also be used for fun group wedding shots not just of the bridal party, but of all the guests together.

  14. Disconnected Events
    While social media continues to be the perfect place to share wedding details, upload photos and celebrate with friends far and wide, more and more couples are opting for disconnected events and asking their guests to surrender their phones for all or part of the festivities. This minimizes the risk of a disruptive ring tone during the I do's or a missed moment when a professional photograph is interrupted by an eager cell phone snapshot.

  15. The Best Trend of All
    Despite all the hottest wedding trends of 2017, the very best trend to follow is whatever your heart desires to make your day special, unique and memorable, whether it is a new fad or a centuries-old custom. Daring brides and grooms may even start their own unique trends as they celebrate!

Not sure how to make these trends your own? Visit your local rental company to see what supplies they have in stock and how they can help you create the customized wedding of your dreams!